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Brush Care

How do I clean my horse brushes?

Now that you have purchased the best quality horse grooming brushes on the market, you may wonder how to properly clean your horse brushes to ensure long product life and enjoyment for years to come.

Cleaning your Moxie Designs brushes by Leistner takes a bit of special consideration, since all materials and bristles are natural, and hand painted. 


The following instructions will help you to

*keep you horse brushes clean and good looking

*enjoy your grooming brushes for many years to come

*ensure best grooming results



Once or twice per year, gently wash and rinse your brushes with a mild shampoo without soaking the wood handle! Gently wipe down the handles of the brushes with a soft damp cloth. Be sure to remove all soap residue with clean clear water, shake out well, and let them air dry.


**Note: Do not let chemical sprays/ oils get on the painted brush handle as it may damage the varnish, and destroy the art work.

· Horse or goat hair brushes— Routine cleaning: Periodically sprinkle a fine dusting of Potato Starch on the dry brush bristles, rub it in an let it sit for a few minutes. Then remove it by stroking the brush against a rubber (not metal, not plastic!) curry. This will remove most dirt and oily dander.


· Horse or goat hair brushes— Deep cleaning: Dip a washcloth or microfiber rag into soapy water (with gentle shampoo or brush soap) . Gently rub your brush bristles with the soapy cloth. Rinse out the cloth. Gently rub your brush bristles with the rinsed cloth several times to remove shampoo residue.


• Mexi fiber or union fiber brushes (flick or dandy brushes): These brushes can be cleaned with boiling water, if necessary. Wash them swiftly, DO NOT SOAK the brushes, especially the hand painted wood handles! 

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