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Wood Sign Care

Hanging and Protecting your wood signs

  • When hanging the sign, make sure to place it where the horse can’t chew on it.

     (The signs are wood and will get damaged.)

  • Your sign has come with all hanging hardware.  


  • To keep your sign looking new. Keep it clean…

     (Dust buildup overtime will ruin the finish and make the sign look discolored and dull.)  

o To clean your Hand Painted sign

o Use a warm damp wash cloth, no soap should be needed.

o If your sign is supper dirty you can use a bit more warm water and a small amount of dish soap    to clean it.        

Make sure to use a clean damp wash cloth to remove any leftover soap residue.

o Let your sign dry and re-hang.


  • How To weather-treat your wood sign:

  • (Your sign has been triple sealed and is ready to hang. This is for future care to keep your sign looking new so it will last a lifetime.)

       o Re-treat at least once a year for long-lasting shine and protection.

o Take off any Hardware before sealing

o Clean your sign and let it fully dry before applying the new finish.

o Apply 3 good coats back and front allowing at least an hour or 2 between coats.

    (Temperature & Weather will play a big part in the drying time)

o Spray the back of the wood sign on the first day. Let dry all night then

   repeat the process the next day on the front of the wood sign.

(If your sign is looking like it needs a new coat of sealer and you are uncomfortable doing this yourself. Please reach out to me. I am more then happy to reseal it for you at no cost to you but shipping) 

If you need further assistance for anything at all

please feel free to E-Mail me

I will be glad to help.






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