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Not all Horse Grooming Brushes are Created Equal...

Why the Switch to Leistner Horse Brushes?

#1.) I wanted to offer my clients the highest quality brushes on the market.

I only want to offer what I would use on my own horses and dogs.

I truly believe the quality of a product is only as good as the materials used.

The better the product, the better the outcome.

#2.) 100% pure natural bristles, 100% pure horsehair only.

The bristles are long and dense. This guarantees the best cleaning results and shine of the coat with gentle, skin-friendly care, as well as a high durability and longevity of the grooming brushes.

Pure bristles and pure horsehair can remove significantly more dirt particles than synthetic bristles

due to their structure.

#3.) They have an extensive collection of luxurious grooming brushes with

80 different (type's and length) of bristles to choose from.

  • pig bristles in three hardness degrees

  • wild boar bristles

  • horsehair

  • goat hair

  • cocos fiber

  • natural fibers: 100 % stiff Union mixture or softer Fiber

  • crimped brass wire

#4.) Lastly The William Leistner line of grooming brushes are made in Germany. They are a family owned

business founded in 1882. Specializing and producing high quality horse grooming brushes.

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